Dependable Plumbing & HVAC Services in Ocean City, NJ

If you’re looking for a reputable plumber or HVAC specialist in the Ocean City, NJ area, our team at ASAP Plumbing, HVAC & Septic has got you covered. We provide high-quality plumbing, HVAC, septic, and air quality services throughout Cape May County that will keep your home or business running smoothly. All it takes is one call, and we will show up quickly to take charge of the situation.

A Complete Range of Services in Ocean City

The key to putting your mind at ease when it comes to your plumbing or HVAC system is having access to a comprehensive range of services. When you work with us, you can feel confident that you’ll get the help you need when you need it without having to scramble around looking for your own solution. Our list of services includes:


Drain Cleaning
Hydro Jetting
Drain Clog & Toilet Clog Removal
Water Heater Repair & Installation
Plumbing Installations
Plumbing Repair & Maintenance
Gas Line Installation
Shower Installation
Backflow Prevention

Water Treatment

Water Filtration System Installation
Water Softener System Installation

Septic Services

Septic Inspections
Septic Tank Installation
Septic Tank Plumbing Services
Septic Tank Repair

Heating & Cooling

AC Filter Replacements
AC Repair & Maintenance
Furnace Repair & Installation

Other Services

Ductless AC Installation
Air Handler Services
Ductwork Services
Air Filtration System Installation

Air Quality & Comfort

UV Air Sanitizer Installation
Dehumidifier Installation & Replacement
Humidifier Installation & Replacement
Air Quality Testing

Energy Efficiency

Air Sealing
Energy Auditing

Why Choose Us?

The last thing you want after spending the day at Gillian’s Wonderland Pier or the Ocean City Boardwalk is to come home and find your plumbing system or HVAC system in disarray. When you work with us, all it takes is a quick call for us to show up and take charge of the situation. Our technicians take the time to explain everything to you so you can make an informed decision, and you’ll always get to speak to a live person when you get in touch with us. We like to use the slogan, ‘If We’re Late, It’s You We Compensate!’ because we value your time and will knock $25 off your service if we don’t show up within our appointment window. Here’s more of what you can expect when you work with us:

Access to 24-hour emergency services
Honest and upfront pricing with no hidden costs
Technicians who are fully background checked for your safety
Flexible financing options to work with your budget
Money-saving coupons on many of our services
Proven service using the latest tools and technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our range of services in Ocean City? We’ve listed a handful of commonly asked questions below, but if yours isn’t on the list, just reach out, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Yes, when you need an Ocean City plumber or HVAC specialist, we are available 24 hours a day to meet your needs.

Some of the common signs of a water leak in your home include mold growth, water stains, musty odors, reduced water pressure, and elevated water bills for no apparent reason. Reach out to a plumber in Ocean City if you notice any signs of trouble.

We don’t recommend using chemical drain cleaners because they can be harsh and cause damage to your plumbing system.

Having your septic tank pumped is essential for maintaining the health and functionality of your septic system. It helps prevent system failure, extend the lifespan of your system, avoid costly repairs, prevent odors and backups and keeps you in compliance with local regulations.

Some of the most common signs you need HVAC repair include higher-than-average energy bills, uneven temperature distribution, insufficient heating or cooling in your living space, banging or knocking while the system is running, or unusual odors near HVAC units.

Scheduling regular maintenance will help ensure your HVAC system is running at full capacity and the highest level of energy efficiency to help extend its lifespan and avoid costly repairs

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Recent Jobs and Reviews in Ocean City, NJ

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars based on 3 customer reviews

Job Locations and Reviews

Ray L.
Ray L. Checked in
Upon arrival customer notes stated there was a leak in crawlspace. Upon inspection of crawlspace found: * kitchen sink drain line rotted off of main 2” stack * Crawlspace has water and sewage spill from drain covering plastic * Shower pan to back bathroom is cracked and currently leaking Note: - Shower pan that is leaking is causing extensive water damage to entire subfloor of bathroom, recommend customer hiring licensed contractor to remove shower assembly and install new pan & drain - kitchen drain has been dumping into crawlspace for awhile causing water and sewage damage to crawlspace plastic barrier, recommend customer has remediation company remove sewage from crawlspace and replace plastic barrier after remediation ** Servpro 609-412-4606 for remediation and barrier - Estimate will be provided to replace kitchen drain - Crawlspace doors are not secured and we’re left unscrewed on arrival
Ocean City, NJ 08226
Ray L.
Ray L. Checked in
Quote includes: -install approx 17’ of 3/4” pvc to bring condensate line from inside the car port. -line to be ran 17’ over to open window, with an additional 8’ to bring the line through and down beside the existing gutter. -line to sit about a foot above ground level -ensure new line is no longer leaking into car port -install saftey switch on indoor evap coil and remove existing line
Ocean City, NJ 08226
Yes both Ray and his associate were top notch. Took time to explain the cost to replace capacitor in our AC unit. Gave his opinion on what we should do.
Bob - Ocean City, NJ 08226
Ray L.
Ray L. Checked in
Customer requested estimate on replacing capacitor
Ocean City, NJ 08226
John G.
John G. Checked in
Estimate is for the following. Removal of existing 3 ton outdoor condenser. Installation of new 3 ton Oxbox condenser. Adapting to existing 3/4x3/8 lineset. Adapting to existing 24 volt thermostat wire. Charging system appropriately. Installation of new 240 volt disconnect. Installation of new disconnect whip and adapting to existing 240volt supply. Installation of approximately 6 feet of 3/4x3/8 lineset into overhang for garage and adapt to existing lineset that is protected and in good condition. Installation of new asap supplied chrome 4 inch spread faucet in master bathroom. 2 year parts and labor warranty on parts installed.
Ocean City, NJ 08226
Mike M.
Mike M. Checked in
Remove broken disposal and replace with new unit. Test operation. Remove frozen rusted disposal and replace with new badger 5 1/2 hp. Install new mounting flange. Test operation, verify with customer 1 year parts and labor warranty
Ocean City, NJ 08226
Thomas  R.
Thomas R. Checked in
Customer requested estimate for rerunning ice maker line from attic to area behind fridge. Investigates attic. Due to fridge being lower than the rest of the kitchen floor I was unable to pull out fridge by myself without damaging floor or fridge. Pictures in history of gouges in floor from where fridge had been previously removed. Will supply customer with estimate for running new pex ice maker line and installing a ice maker box behind fridge. Estimate is for the following. Removal of existing shut off and copper water supply to ice maker. Installing 1/2 inch pex shut off. Installing new pex line from new shut off in attic to area above fridge. Installing new 1/4 inch pex shut off behind fridge and installing ice maker line. Test line for leaks and function. 1 year parts and labor warranty on parts installed. This job may include drywall removal to run new line from attic to area behind fridge. Scope of work does not include the repair or replacement of any drywall, sheetrock,
Ocean City, NJ 08226
Brandon B.
Brandon B. Checked in
On arrival Send estimate to customer for replacement of drain line for second floor bathroom
Ocean City, NJ 08226
Brandon B.
Brandon B. Checked in
On arrival found outdoor shower leaking Remove small section of copper Install new section of pex Install new shutoff valve for outdoor shower Install new shower head Test operation of new install 1 year labor warranty Warranty is void if customer doesn’t winterize outdoor shower by company
Ocean City, NJ 08226
John G.
John G. Checked in
Quote includes: -cut out small section of pex removing existing coupling, and section where screw hit the line -installed new section of 1/2” pex readapting existing lines with new couplings -turned water on and tested operation of new section of waterline for any leaks -1 year warranty on repair
Ocean City, NJ 08226
Clean and efficient
Lynn - Ocean City, NJ 08226
Brandon B.
Brandon B. Checked in
* Removal and disposal of the existing toilet. * Furnishing and installation of a premier elongated toilet * Lifetime warranty for any defects in the material. * Three year labor warranty. * Ensuring proper alignment and secure mounting of the toilet to the floor. * Reconnect the water supply to the toilet. * Quote includes all necessary materials, including the toilet, fixtures, fittings, seals, and any other components required for the installation. * All work to be done in accordance with local codes. Please note that the provided quote does not include the repair or replacement of the toilet flange. The condition of the toilet flange cannot be determined without first removing the toilet. If, upon removal of the toilet, it is discovered that the flange requires repair or replacement, we will provide a revised quote for the additional services needed. No warranty shim toilet
Ocean City, NJ 08226
Brandon did an excellent kitchen fawcet and disposal installation, made sure that all functions worked and no leaks on supply lines or drains. Cleaned up after the job was completed and reviewed all costs with me. Great service!
David - Ocean City, NJ 08226
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